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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Prom Night

I was telling DH that's what tonight (my Office Party) feels like... prom night!

Our office is very casual. Most of us wear jeans at work on a daily basis. Tonight's affair is "semi formal", so I'm going to see my coworkers all dolled up for the first time. I've only been with this company for almost 2 years and this is will be my first office party with them.

Last year's party was a dinner cruise - I didn't go because at the last cruise we went on, I got seasick and felt nauseous all day long, even on land. It was not a nice feeling.

I'm looking forward to tonight's food and wine. Since I was on the planning committe, I have the advantage of knowing what will be served. The food will be delicious. The wine bar will be flowing all night too so it should be a fun night amid the rubbing elbows with the higher ups.

At least year's party, there was a VP who was making out high school style with his date. I'm not kidding. He is 45-ish, she was 25-ish. They were seen heavily making out openly, in front of everyone. What a scene that must have been! 1 month later, management announced that he left the company... a coincidence... hmmm? I wonder if there will be a similar spectacle at this year's party....

Hope you're all having a nice weekend!

Question of the day: At what time do you think we will leave the party? The party will run from 7-11p.


Blogger ella w. said...

I'm guessing around 10?

March 11, 2007 at 3:09 PM  

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