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Monday, February 26, 2007

Babel = Babble

DH & I had a nice weekend.

Friday, I made dinner at home: Catfish with puttanesca sauce and just had a relaxing evening.

Saturday, we visited DH's relatives for the Chinese New Year celebration. Afterwards, we ran some errands and went to Costco to stock up the fridge. Also went to a local outdoor store to browse. In the evening, another low key evening at home. We were invited to a suprise 40th birthday party for my friend's husband. Since the time coincided with visiting DH's relatives, we had to decline. I was bummed as my 2 BFFs: Gigi and Jonesy will be in attendance and I wouldn't be able to hang out with them and play with Jonesy's kids.

Sunday, Dh & I went to SF Chinatown to visit his aunt and cousins for Chinese New Year. I love DH's aunt. She is in her 70s but very lively and active. She is a Treasurer for a local club so this keeps her busy. She speaks very limited English, me: no Cantonese at all. but when she talks to me and uses 2-3 English words, we manage to understand each other. She is great and wish I could communicate more with her.

After Chinatown, DH & I went to the park to hit some softballs. I hit a few rounds with him as he taught me the proper stance and form for swinging (the power comes from the hips, not the arms!). I think I did OK, made a lot of contact. I need to work on exploding my hips so that I can get more distance on the ball. DH was very good teacher... very supportive and encouraging. Giving pointers where needed. I had fun, even though I wasn't that good. :)

In the evening, I made pasta with clams for dinner and we settled in to watch the Oscar nominated movie "Babel" with Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett. It's 3 stories that are intertwined with each other, how a gunshot in Morocco sets of a series of events worldwide. Seemed like an interesting premise, much to the style of "Crash" which we really enjoyed. DH & I were very dissapointed in the movie... it was slow, did not grab our attention and just thought it was boring. We hoped that this movie did not beat out "Departed" for any Oscar awards. We saw "Departed" in the theaters and I thought it was one of the best movies I've seen all year. Very intense and the story line was solid. It will keep you focused from start to finish. Everyone in the movie was superb especially Leo dicaprio.

DH summed the movie "Babel" best: Babel was just a lot of babble. I thought that was just freaking hilarious!

Question of the Day: Who were you rooting to win for Best Picture at the Oscars?


Blogger Aaron said...

I wasn't really rootin' for anyone... I was just along for the ride. Actually, The Actress thought it'd be nice to watch the entire Oscars for a change, so we did. I had more fun laughing at her commenting on Oscar-fashion than on the movie choices.

I have no desire to see Babel, but The Departed is on the list!

(By the way, I saw the sneak peek of Wild Hogs and it was funny. Definately need to see this one.)

March 1, 2007 at 3:57 AM  

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