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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday Bloody Sunday

We've been busy since yesterday....

On Saturday, DH & I attended a funeral service for our friend's Dad who had passed away earlier. We just had time to grab a quick lunch before meeting up with my friend AS.

AS dad is being released from the hospital this week. His mobility is a little impaired since his stroke so his place needed to be rearranged so that he will be able to access things easier. AS asked for our help earlier in the week... she needed DH for his labor (move a couch).

Her dad's place had a lot of big furniture, so we just had to rearrange things more against the wall and move the bulky ones upstairs. Her other friends also stopped by to help out... that was nice to see... the kind hearted ness of friends giving up a weekend afternoon to help a friend out.

After we helped out AS, we went home and quickly cleaned up to go to dinner at Fisherman's Wharf. See earlier post.

Today, DH has softball playoffs in his weekend recreational leauge. His team lost 1 game last week and it is double elimination. They are slated to play at least 1 game ... up to 4! Basically, they have to keep playing until they lose. DH & I had breakfast at home and headed to the field at 9.30a, prepared for a full day on the field. I usually go watch DH play on his weekend games. I love watching him play ... seeing his intensity and passion for the game.

DH has been working towards this game, going to the park and working on his swing with a soft ball toss machine. I go with him and I record his swing for later playback and analysis. I've even hit a few rounds with him while he videotaped me. Mind you, I don't play even recreationally. I just did it for fun. I did 40 swings and missed probably only 5 balls much to my surprise. DH said later while analyzing my swing on video, that I have a very compact and efficient swing... he said that some of my team mates could learn from my compact swing. :)

Unfortunately, their team lost by a number of runs (Sunday, Bloody, Sunday comes to mind). There were a few key plays in the beginning of the game that could have resulted in a more positive outcome. DH was dissapointed at the loss but the team gave it their all. He's trying not to dwell and is looking forward to the Spring season coming up in 2 months. He's already making plans to play pick up softball during the weekends in between seasons to keep himself sharp and conditioned.

From now until the spring season starts, his/ our Sundays are free again. :)

Question of the Day: Would you rather watch the World Series or Super Bowl?


Blogger Aaron said...

That's awesome that you support him in a hobby he's passionate about. I bet you earned extra cool points for stepping up to the plate to.

I wonder if DH was thinking... "Yeah, she's definately a keeper!"

$10 says he brags about you at work.

And definately the World Series. Baseball > Football.

January 24, 2007 at 5:31 AM  

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