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Monday, January 8, 2007


It never fails. During this time of the year, people make a list of resolutions they would like to achieve for the coming year.

I'm no exception. When the new year ushers in, i think about what i'd like to improve on for this year.

Making that list is not hard. Sticking to it and accomplishing it is the challenge. For the past few years, my resolution list have been half accomplished. It dissapoints me that i lost sight of my goals and i didn't put in the effort for most of the items on my list. Maybe this year, #1 should be to stick to my resolutions.

On that note, here are my 2007 resolutions. You'll have to check back this time next year and find out if i did stick to them (or any of them!). :)

1. Stick to my resolutions
2. Work on my fitness level (work out more regularly and increase stamina, cardio)
3. Save more money (i.e. Shop less)
4. Eat healthier/ improve diet (more greens/fruits)
5. Career: work towards path of proj mgmt

Question of the day: what are your resolutions/goals for 2007?


Blogger Aaron said...

I resolve to change my gym schedule to avoid the crowds because I know that in two months half the chumps that signed up this year will get gone and I can return to my regular routine. ;)

January 10, 2007 at 4:23 PM  

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