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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Belated Birthday(s)

Do you remember the time when you looked forward to each birthday? The party, the friends, the gifts, the cake. You did not focus on the number of candles on your cake or your age. You were young and birthdays represented gifts and cake for you.

Recently, I have been feeling non-chalant on my birthday, or to be specific, acknowledging that I will have to add another year to my name. Don't get me wrong, I still want to be greeted happy birthday and celebrate but I'm not so keen on the +1 year.

I have been feeling this way since turning 30. I am still in my early 30s but now that I'm in my 30s, I can't help but think the 40s are looming and just around the corner! yikes.

I have been fortunate and blessed with my 30+ years. I have a wonderful loving husband, I have great parents/siblings who don't drive me insane,I am surrounded by great supportive friends, I have a stable, good paying job. So why do I use my birthday as a way of measuring what I've accomplished in life so far?

Honestly, ever since hitting 30, the bio-clock has been ticking louder... and louder... I feel the pressure, not from my husband, parents, friends but mostly by me on me. I definitely want to have our first child by 35. I approach that age, I feel more pressure to have a baby, a race against time. Even though I'm young, 35 seems to be the cut off date before the medical community labels you as "high risk pregnancy".

DH and I have been trying to start a family in the past year. The time is both right for us. We both want to have a baby. I just wonder if the pressure I put on myself to have a baby is due to the age or the fact that we really do want to conceive and start that family.

Don't worry, a part of me still knows how to enjoy and celebrate the birthday and I do take advantage of "my day". Usually, I like birthdays spent low key... with my husband/family and/or with friends.

This year, my group of girlfriends & I planned a get together last night. It's a celebration of all 4 of our birthdays (2 in late 2006 and 2 in early 2007) ... one of my friends live in SCal so we thought it would be a good idea to celebrate all of our birthdays in 1 one evening while everyone was present.

We went out for dinner with spouses/sig others at a contemporary Thai resto: Osha's on 2nd Street. The place is decorated very trendily/Zen like. When my friend & I pass by during lunch, the line is always out the door. Lunch dishes are reasonable at $10, expect more during dinner: $15. At night, the place glows with a nice ambience, low lighting and candles. I like the food... very tasty and presented cleanly and with pizzaz on white plates. My favorite is the green peppercorn pork with basil... if you like spicy food, this is a great dish. The fried banana with coconut ice cream, ginger creme brulee and sticky rice with mango were excellent choices for dessert.

It was a fun evening, and I got to spend time with my husband, close friends. It was the perfect way to celebrate our birthdays. :)

Question of the day: When or have you lied about your age? (Exclude trying to get into a 21+ bar) :)


Blogger Ally said...

I've never lied about my age (except for the under 21 scenario to get into a concert), and I still look forward to each birthday. I hope that never changes, and I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

January 18, 2007 at 9:34 PM  

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