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Friday, June 29, 2007


Have you ever had a secret that you are dying to tell?

Well, I have a secret and I am bursting to share.

But, it's a secret, so I can't divulge it.

I'm very good at keeping secrets. When friends confide in me, they know it's in the vault.

Question of the day: Can you keep a secret?

Friday, June 15, 2007

Chili Dog and Garlic Fries

DH & I were both recipients of free tickets on Tuesday.

Conversation with my boss:

Boss: T, do you like classical music?
T: Sometimes.....
Boss: Would you like to go to the Symphony, you can use my tickets next month?
T: Ummm.... OK! (Trying to be non chalant...but secretly yelling: YES!!!)

Boss is a season ticket holder at the symphony. I thanked Boss for his generous offer. He knows that I like watching performance/ cultural events so I'm glad he offered the tickets to me. :)

Later that afternoon, DH scored free tickets to last Tues' SF Giants game from his boss. They were great seats too... a few rows behind the Giants dugout on the 3rd base side. We were so close to the field, I could practically touch Barry Bonds on the on deck circle.

That night at the baseball game, there was a cute guy who was sitting next to me. He looked like this actor, but had a goatee, very hot.

I was eating my chili dog which was piled high with chili, onions and cheese. He turned to me and said, that looks good, how's the chili dog? I was in mid chew so I couldn't answer him right away. He leaned in again and asked, that looks really good, where did you get the chili dog? With a mouthful of chili dog and garlic fries, I told him... hahaha. Yeah, very attractive and lady like, I know.

DH saw the whole thing and I turned to him and he was laughing at me as I recounted what cute guy said. I told DH that he was cute and he rolled his eyes at me.

Later, cute guy and his friends brought beer in cans which is prohibited in the ball park. The usher saw it and confiscated it. The usher looked like the actor, Wilford Brimley, who does the Quaker Oats commercials. When the usher left, cute guy turned and leaned to me and said, "I never buy his oatmeal." It was a funny remark .... DH & I both laughed.

DH nicknamed cute guy, "Mr Close Talker", from the Seinfeld episode. Close talker or not, he was hot. ;)

Question of the day: Do you have a nickname coined by your friends or family?

Thursday, June 7, 2007


My mom and I went to check out Nordstrom’s half yearly sale last night.

I was at the jewelry counter browsing, when I noticed a Swiss Army watch. DH mentioned in passing a few weeks back that he liked their watches. This particular one I was looking at had a classic style. Steel, chrono style and black face.

I impulsively bought it for DH and I got a very good deal since it was on sale too!

I think he’ll like the style as it’s classic and conservative.

I’m going to surprise DH with the watch tonight. I can't wait to see his expression. :)

I hung out with Jonesy and my 2 godchildren last week while I was off. They are just so adorable! N who is 3 and K who is 18 months are both a handful. I honestly don’t know how Jonesy manages to watch them both at home everyday while she works at home. She was glad of my visit as it gives her some much needed adult company.

N loves the movie “Music & Lyrics” (very cute movie!). He keeps singing the theme song “Way Back into Love” over and over, non stop. He has memorized the song and uses a hairbrush as his microphone.

K in the meantime has discovered her female parts and was stuffing her diaper with play coins. I’m sure she was wondering what the fuss was all about when her Mom reprimanded her.

I used to go camping with Jonesy, her hubby and their daughter M at least 3-4x during the summer. We haven’t gone on a camping trip together in the last 3+ years as she has been busy with her 2 youngest kids. They invited us camping over Memorial Day weekend but we were out of town.

Her hubby, the outdoor enthusiast, is planning another camping trip this summer. So I hope we can join them then.

Question of the day: What is the best surprise you have ever received?

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


I’m back.

We went on a mini vacation to Los Angeles last week. It was FUN but too short.

Trip highlights:

  • 1st day: Left SF at 5.30am as we had tickets to the Dodgers game at 1.00p. Our seats very high up, but right smack in the middle of home plate. We ate Dodger dogs and nachos. Yum.
  • Dodger game highlights: Doing the wave and waiting for the beach ball to come my way so I can hit it.
  • We met Gigi and hubby for dinner in Pasadena. They treated us for our anniv dinner. It was very thoughtful of them to do that.
  • We walked around Old Town Pasadena after dinner and had drinks.
  • 2nd Day: Spent the day at Santa Monica.
  • People watched at Muscle beach. DH noticed a lot of guys doing the girl pull ups vs the guy pull ups. These were muscular men doing the scaled down pull up version. DH noticed that since they had the big guns, why weren't they doing the guy pull ups? Funny.
  • Walked down 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica
  • Celebrated our anniversary by having dinner at Gladstone’s in Malibu. We feasted on fish cerviche, clam chowder, seafood platter and lobster roll. It was delicious and the ocean view was lovely. We went back to pasadena and walked to downtown from our hotel and grabbed some gelato.
  • 3rd day: Spent the day in Disneyland. Favorite ride: Mad Hatter’s Tea Cup! DH & I kept spinning the disk so that we spun faster. We were spinning so fast, we were double over in laughter. Man, we were dizzy but it was fun.
  • Other Disney faves: Space Mtn, Indy Jones, Big Thunder Railroad, Splash Mtn
  • Checked out California Adventures (next to Disney). We only had time for 1 ride so we chose the best – their California Screaming roller coaster. Boy, did I scream. The roller takes you from 0 to 55mph in 5 seconds. Trust me, that’s fast!! It felt like being shot off a cannon. We were in the 1st car and I was screaming the whole time with my eyes closed. DH kept yelling open your eyes… hahah… no thanks, I’d rather not see how far we are plummeting down the earth.
  • Watched an Anaheim Angels game after Disneyland. Got a freebie: Jersey clock day.

I love LA weather. It was high 70s while we were there. Nice and warm. A nice reprieve from cold, foggy SF.

We like watching baseball games in LA as it’s warm and we can wear shorts and shirt only.

It was a FUN trip; we were exhausted when we arrived home. We definitely need to incorporate more relaxing and down time during our vacations. :p

Next up, I’m planning a camping trip in July!

Question of the day: What are your summer plans?