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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sin City

WARNING: Picture of a hot half naked man and lots of gushing over a hot chippendale. For guys, you may want to skip this post....

My girlfriends and I went on a getaway to sin city: Las Vegas recently.

There would be 5 of us going but at the last minute, Jonesy, cancelled as her 2 youngest kids were sick with a fever and cold.

She cancelled her flight the night before our trip as she did not feel right leaving both sick kids. We were disappointed she couldn’t join us but of course understood Mom duty calls.

Jonesy was even more disappointed as she was really excited and looking forward to taking a break and having some fun.

The girls and I had a blast… we shopped, gambled, hung out and watched the Chippendale’s show. That was the highlight of our trip! All of us girls were swooning (ok screaming, loudly) over the hottest Chippendale, Steve Kim, who is of Korean/Italian descent. He is gorgeous... he looks like a buffer, hotter, more handsome Keanu Reeves. (HOT!!)

We had great seats – 2nd row center. We paid for floor seating and were pleased we got the 2nd row. Everytime Steve was on stage, my friends and I were screaming loudly at him. He was sooo darn hot!

We were so gaga over him. He was very nice and friendly when we met him afterwards to take pictures. Even though he was surrounded by a group of girls, he would only talk or entertain one at a time and give her his full attention.

On his way out, he was on a call when 2 girls stopped him (not us!). He quickly ended his call and talked/took pictures with the girls. Then he politely went on his way.

I am sure we made a fool out of ourselves and acted like groupies when we took pictures with him. ;)

After I thanked him for the solo picture with him (with his arms around me), he asked me “Can I get a hug?” I was more than happy to oblige and was sooo tickled when he kissed me on the cheek. Sigh.

The girls and I have talked about him non stop since the show, days later.

Yeah, you could say we have a "little crush" on him. We found out later that he's a college graduate and has his own new business. Hmmm... smarts and looks. He is 34 y/o, our age, so we didn't feel like robbing the cradle lusting after him. hahaha...

Sigh...... DH just rolls his eyes at me everytime he hears the story and sees our pictures with him… LMAO

Question of the day: Have you ever acted like a groupie?